Where I Wanna Be

Where I Wanna Be
Author: Darlene P. Winston
Publsiher: Darlene P Winston
Total Pages: 324
Release: 2008-06
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1432725629

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You, me, and your girlfriend? After years of swearing off men, K.C. Martin hit gold when Andre asked for her phone number one day at the local post office. What she didn't anticipate was a package postmarked ex. She has finally allowed herself to feel alive again and give in to what he's offering. Short lived is her vision of 'Perfect' when suddenly, along comes an ex-girlfriend, attempted murder and a murder suspect on the loose. K.C. wonders if 'Perfect' has a place in her life. Experience the emotions, the highs and the lows along with K.C., as she is forced to choose whether love is worth fighting for or if 'perfect' really means being alone.

Bad as I Wanna Be

Bad as I Wanna Be
Author: Dennis Rodman
Publsiher: Dell
Total Pages: 342
Release: 1997-05-12
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9780440222668

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A wild ride inside the glowing head of Dennis Rodman—the NBA's greatest rebounder and America's most outspoken and outrageous athlete. When Sports Illustrated put the man they call "America's most provocative athlete" on their cover, they sold more copies than any other issue they had sold in a decade (except the swimsuit issue). Why? Because Dennis Rodman has more in common with Mick Jagger than with his teammate Michael Jordan. With his body-covering tattoos and ever-changing fluorescent hair, Rodman's sideline antics and celebrated benchings captivated sports fans as much as his record-breaking on-court performances and earned him a reputation as a rebel with the same penchant for shocking behavior as his on-again off-again squeeze, Madonna. In Bad as I Wanna Be he shares his surprising and candid opinions on: • Mortality: “If I die young, everybody’s going to say they saw it coming.” • His game: “I never want to score. Never. I want to rebound.” • Having it all: “From the outside I had everything I could want. From the inside I had nothing but an empty soul and a gun in my lap.” . . . And so much more, including his life, from going to prison for stealing watches to his daughter, the light of his life. At a time when most celebrities and professional athletes try to control their public personas like politicians and refrain from expressing their true beliefs, Dennis Rodman is a refreshingly unique, uncompromising individual who both transcends his world and refuses to conform to it. Bad as I Wanna Be is as candid, intriguing, and unforgettable as he is.

California Soul

California Soul
Author: Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje
Publsiher: Univ of California Press
Total Pages: 524
Release: 1998-05-12
Genre: Music
ISBN: 9780520206281

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"Documented with great care and affection, this book is filled with revelations about the intermingling of peoples, styles of music, business interests, night-life pleasures, and the strange ways lived experience shaped black music as America's music in California." —Charles Keil, co-author of Music Grooves


Total Pages: 132
Release: 1996-07

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EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.

Sporting Lives

Sporting Lives
Author: James W. Pipkin
Publsiher: University of Missouri Press
Total Pages: 161
Release: 2008-01-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 082626641X

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"Examines autobiographies by athletes such as Wilt Chamberlain, Babe Ruth, Martina Navratilova, and Dennis Rodman, and analyzes common themes and recurring patterns in the accounts of their lives and sporting experiences"--Provided by publisher.

How to Be a Good Person Without Being Religious

How to Be a Good Person   Without Being Religious
Author: Horatio M & Natasha Bennett
Publsiher: First Edition Design Pub.
Total Pages: 203
Release: 2013-10-10
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1622874277

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Not Bored Anthology 1983 2010

Not Bored  Anthology 1983 2010
Author: Bill Brown
Publsiher: Lulu.com
Total Pages: 695
Release: 2011
Genre: History
ISBN: 0578076543

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Massive anthology of essays and illustrations published in NOT BORED! between 1983 and 2010.

The Making of High performance Athletes

The Making of High performance Athletes
Author: Debra A. Shogan
Publsiher: University of Toronto Press
Total Pages: 156
Release: 1999-01-01
Genre: Sports & Recreation
ISBN: 9780802082015

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A study of the ethical dilemnas of producing high performance athletes through use of technology, using Founcault's work on disciplinary power as a theoretical framework.

Basketball s Most Wanted

Basketball s Most Wanted
Author: Floyd Conner
Publsiher: Potomac Books, Inc.
Total Pages: 332
Release: 2001-09-30
Genre: Basketball
ISBN: 1597973998

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All-American George Glamack was known as the Blind Bomber because his eyesight was so poor that he couldnOCOt see the basket. Bobby Bailey once fouled out of a game in three minutes. The first professional basketball player, Fred Cooper, earned sixteen dollars per game. Swedish player Mats Wermelin scored all 272 points in a game. Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach punched out the owner of the St. Louis Hawks prior to a game. Dennis Rodman dressed like a bride for his book signing. Wilt Chamberlain, who scored 100 points in an NBA game, claimed to have had 20,000 lovers. The 1936 Olympic basketball gold medal game was played on a muddy court during a driving rainstorm. Former vice president Al Gore played college basketball at Harvard. Basketball's Most WantedOao chronicles 700 of the most outlandish players, coaches, and fans in basketball history. Its seventy lists describe in humorous detail basketballOCOs top-ten worst shooters, strangest plays, bizarre nicknames, politicians who played, little-known records, unlikely NBA teams, and more."

Focus On 100 Most Popular National Basketball Association All Stars

Focus On  100 Most Popular National Basketball Association All Stars
Author: Wikipedia contributors
Publsiher: e-artnow sro
Total Pages: 1784

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Pray Ball

Pray Ball
Author: James M. Gordon
Publsiher: Gefen Publishing House Ltd
Total Pages: 164
Release: 1999
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9789652292193

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This unique and exciting book delivers a moral, ethical, and spiritual message through the curious medium of professional sports.

When Pain Strikes

When Pain Strikes
Author: Bill Burns
Publsiher: U of Minnesota Press
Total Pages: 318
Release: 1999
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780816629497

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How we in North America respond to pain--what we think about it, what we say, and what we do--is the subject of this collection of writings and images. The book's five sections contain a myriad of complex responses to the occurrence of pain. Each section comprises original artwork, scholarly analyses, literary texts, and more. 15 b&w photos. 33 figures.

Reading Sport

Reading Sport
Author: Susan Birrell
Publsiher: UPNE
Total Pages: 342
Release: 2000
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9781555534301

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A look at power relations in sports along the axes of gender, race, class, and sexuality.

Learning to Write Superhero Stories Using the Best and Worst Superhero Movies to Write Better Novels Comics and Screenplays

Learning to Write Superhero Stories  Using the Best and Worst Superhero Movies to Write Better Novels  Comics  and Screenplays
Author: Brian McKenzie
Publsiher: Hyperink Inc
Total Pages: 106
Release: 2012-10-23
ISBN: 1614645779

Download Learning to Write Superhero Stories Using the Best and Worst Superhero Movies to Write Better Novels Comics and Screenplays Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Many writers suffer from the depressing misconception that popularity and critical acclaim are mutually exclusive. Encouragingly, from 2000-2012, 20 superhero movies scored above 70 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 17 of them grossed more than $200 million at the box office. Hopefully, the enclosed reviews of four great superhero movies and two of the genre’s most notorious disasters will help you identify ways to distinguish your writing, sharpen your skills, and broaden the appeal of your work. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK The Amazing Spider-Man 1. To the extent that you cover a superhero origin story, I’d recommend focusing on things and approaches we haven’t seen much of before. I think it would have helped to either spend less time covering the origin story or make it more different than Spider-Man 1. That said, I thought ASM’s approach to the death of Uncle Ben was smoother and more thematically effective–when Peter has the opportunity to stop the robber, there’s a plausible and immediate threat to bystanders. Peter declines and Ben gets killed seconds thereafter. This makes Peter’s motivation for a life-changing decision (becoming a superhero) more plausible. In contrast, in Spider-Man 1, Peter gets torn up because he doesn’t get involved in a relatively minor situation with a police officer present, with only a faint connection between Peter Parker letting the robber go and the robber killing a civilian. 1.1. Peter plays a more active role acquiring superpowers. He was only in the laboratory because he stole an ID and figured out how to thwart a keypad. I think the scene develops him more than just getting lucky at the science fair in Spider-Man 1. (Likewise, he makes his own webslingers instead of getting them from the spider-bite). 2. Beware the idiot ball – make sure there are believable consequences to actions. Peter Parker displayed his superpowers in public so many times that I think his classmates would have to be idiots not to notice something was amiss. (For example, the NBA-caliber dunk? Or breaking a goalpost with a football? Or lifting enormous Flash Thompson by the neck?) When characters make decisions, there should be consequences. For example, if the character is reckless with his powers, maybe other characters come closer to figuring out what’s going on. Or at least start asking difficult questions. 3. Speaking of consequences, I thought the crane scene was kind of cute. (Peter saves a construction worker’s kid and the construction worker later pulls in favors at the climax to help Spider-Man). It helps build a contrast between Spider-Man’s decidedly limited means and, say, the lavishly-funded Avengers or X-Men. I think it’s also a more subtle and effective way of showing he’s more of an everyman hero than we saw in previous Spider-Man movies (e.g. subway passengers throwing themselves between Dr. Octopus and a crippled Spidey felt sort of hokey to me). Buy the Book to Read More!

Sissy Insurgencies

Sissy Insurgencies
Author: Marlon B. Ross
Publsiher: Duke University Press
Total Pages: 450
Release: 2022-01-28
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1478022450

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In Sissy Insurgencies Marlon B. Ross focuses on the figure of the sissy in order to rethink how Americans have imagined, articulated, and negotiated manhood and boyhood from the 1880s to the present. Rather than collapsing sissiness into homosexuality, Ross shows how sissiness constitutes a historically fluid range of gender practices that are expressed as a physical manifestation, discursive epithet, social identity, and political phenomenon. He reconsiders several black leaders, intellectuals, musicians, and athletes within the context of sissiness, from Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, and James Baldwin to Little Richard, Amiri Baraka, and Wilt Chamberlain. Whether examining Washington’s practice of cleaning as an iteration of sissiness, Baldwin’s self-fashioned sissy deportment, or sissiphobia in professional sports and black nationalism, Ross demonstrates that sissiness can be embraced and exploited to conform to American gender norms or disrupt racialized patriarchy. In this way, sissiness constitutes a central element in modern understandings of race and gender.

Anything I Wanna Be

Anything I Wanna Be
Author: Gloria Clark
Publsiher: Brown Girls Publishing
Total Pages: 100
Release: 2014-11-18
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 1625176929

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It's great to be young, brown and a girl. When you tap into the power of that dynamic combination you can be anything you want to be. When you’re young, energy and excitement propels you forward. When you’re a brown girl, in all our varying shades, you have strength because if you can walk boldly in that golden, God-given skin, you are fearless! Oh yes, no matter what comes your way, sadness or gladness, you can take bad and make it good and you can turn good times into great joys. Inside these pages are powerful poems that will ignite your soul and uplifting stories to motivate you to keep on keeping on. Whatever it is you want to be. . . this fun compilation piece was written to help you shine. Read it, let it motivate and encourage you and guide you on your journey as you discover the greatness in YOU!

Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year

Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year
Author: Charles Brooks
Publsiher: Pelican Publishing
Total Pages: 212
Genre: Caricatures and cartoons
ISBN: 9781455600991

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