Summary of Anonymous s The Incest Diary

Summary of Anonymous s The Incest Diary
Author: Everest Media,
Publsiher: Everest Media LLC
Total Pages: 12
Release: 2022-05-07T22:59:00Z
Genre: Family & Relationships

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 I had many therapists, and one of them was a beautiful woman who studied with Freud. I liked her until we got closer to the incest. When I was in college, I went to see her on Thursday afternoons. She wanted me to see a psychiatrist she worked with who would give me medication. #2 I had sex with my father when I was twenty-one. I was very wet, and I wanted his big hard cock deep inside me. I had never felt sexier. We didn’t say anything, and he went back to his bed. #3 I told my friend Katherine Huntington, a neighbor and family friend, the truth about my father having sex with me when I was a young child. She said to forget about it and get over it. She had been molested when she was a child, and her parents didn’t do anything about it. #4 I confronted my father about our incestuous relationship. He told me that he was sorry for all he’d done, and that he was quitting his job and traveling. I didn’t hear from him for months.

The Incest Diary

The Incest Diary
Author: Anonymous
Publsiher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2018-07-10
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9780374537791

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“In the fairy tales about father–daughter incest—‘The Girl Without Hands,’ ‘Thousand Furs,’ the original ‘Cinderella,’ ‘Donkey Skin,’ and the stories of Saint Dymphna, patron saint of incest survivors—the daughters are all as you would expect them to be: horrified by their father’s sexual advances. They do everything in their power to escape. But I didn’t. A child can’t escape. And later, when I could, it was too late.” Throughout her childhood and adolescence, the anonymous author of The Incest Diary was raped by her father. Beneath a veneer of normal family life, she grew up in and around this all-encompassing secret. Her sexual relationship with her father lasted, off and on, into her twenties. It formed her world, and it formed her deepest fears and desires. Even after she broke away—even as she grew into an independent and adventurous young woman—she continued to seek out new versions of the violence, submission, and secrecy she had struggled to leave behind. In this graphic and harrowing memoir, the author revisits her early traumas and their aftermath—not from a clinical distance, but from deep within—to explore the ways in which her father’s abuse shaped her, and still does. As a matter of psychic survival, she became both a sexual object and a detached observer, a dutiful daughter and the protector of a dirty secret. And then, years later, she made herself write it down. With lyric concision, in vignettes of almost unbearable intensity, this writer tells a story that is shocking but that will ring true to many other survivors of abuse. It has never been faced so directly on the page.

Inbreeding Incest and the Incest Taboo

Inbreeding  Incest  and the Incest Taboo
Author: Arthur P. Wolf
Publsiher: Stanford University Press
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2005
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 0804751412

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Why is incest widely prohibited? Why does the scope of the prohibition vary from society to society? Why does incest occur despite the prohibition? What are the consequences? To reexamine these questions, this book brings together contributions from the fields of genetics, behavioral biology, primatology, biological and social anthropology, philosophy, and psychiatry.

Analysis of the Incest Trauma

Analysis of the Incest Trauma
Author: Susan A. Klett
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2018-03-22
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 0429910762

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Childhood sexual abuse within the family of origin and society's institutions, such as the church, education, sports, and the world of celebrity, has been neglected as a significant issue by psychoanalysis and society. The incest trauma needs to be understood as one of the most significant problems of contemporary society. This book is an attempt to re-establish incest trauma as a significant psychological disorder by tracing the evolutionary trajectory of psychoanalysis from the Seduction Theory to the Oedipal Therapy to the Confusion of Tongues Theory. By examining the theoretical, emotional, interpersonal, and political issues involved in Freud's abandoning the Seduction Hypothesis and replacing it with the Oedipal Complex, we can see how system building became more important than the emotional welfare of children. In a series of chapters the authors demonstrate this neglect of the incest trauma.

Mad Muse

Mad Muse
Author: Jeffrey Berman
Publsiher: Emerald Group Publishing
Total Pages: 384
Release: 2019-09-03
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1789738091

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Many of the well-respected scholarly studies of autobiographical writing have little or nothing to say about mental illness. This book uncovers the mysterious relationship between mood disorders and creativity through the lives of seven writers, demonstrating how mental illness is sometimes the driving force behind creativity.

Ana s Nin

Ana  s Nin
Author: Clara Oropeza
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 114
Release: 2018-08-06
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1351675478

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Anaïs Nin: A Myth of Her Own traces Nin’s literary craft by following the intimacy of self-exploration and poetic expression attained in the details of the quotidian, transfigured into fiction. By digging into the mythic tropes that permeate both her literary diaries and fiction, this book demonstrates that Nin constructed a mythic method of her own, revealing the extensive possibilities of an opulent feminine psyche. Clara Oropeza demonstrates that the literary diary, for Nin, is a genre that with its traces of trickster archetype, among others, reveals a mercurial, yet particular understanding of an embodied and at times mystical experience of a writer. The cogent analysis of Nin’s fiction alongside the posthumously published unexpurgated diaries, within the backdrop of emerging psychological theories, further illuminates Nin’s contributions as an experimental and important modernist writer whose daring and poetic voice has not been fully appreciated. By extending research on diary writing and anchoring Nin’s literary style within modernist traditions, this book contributes to the redefinition of what literary modernism was comprised, who participated and how it was defined. Anaïs Nin: A Myth of Her Own is unique in its interdisciplinary expansion of literature, literary theory, mythological studies and depth psychology. By considering the ecocritical aspects of Nin’s writing, this book forges a new paradigm for not only Nin’s work, but for critical discussions of self-life writing as a valid epistemological and aesthetic form. This impressive work will be of great interest to academics and students of Jungian and post-Jungian studies, literary studies, cultural studies, mythological studies and women’s studies.

The Unreality of Memory

The Unreality of Memory
Author: Elisa Gabbert
Publsiher: Atlantic Books
Total Pages:
Release: 2020-08-20
Genre: Science
ISBN: 183895063X

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'A work of sheer brilliance, beauty and bravery' Andrew Sean Greer, author of Less 'Masterly... Her essays have a clarity and prescience that imply a sort of distant, retrospective view, like postcards sent from the near future' New York Times We stare at our phones. We keep multiple tabs open. Our chats and conversations are full of the phrase "Did you see?" The feeling that we're living in the worst of times seems to be intensifying, alongside a desire to know precisely how bad things have gotten. Poet and essayist Elisa Gabbert's The Unreality of Memory consists of a series of lyrical and deeply researched meditations on what our culture of catastrophe has done to public discourse and our own inner lives. In these tender and prophetic essays, she focuses in on our daily preoccupation and favorite pasttime: desperate distraction from disaster by way of a desperate obsession with the disastrous. Moving from public trauma to personal tragedy, from the Titanic and Chernobyl to illness and loss, The Unreality of Memory alternately rips away the facade of our fascination with destruction and gently identifies itself with the age of rubbernecking. A balm, not a burr, Gabbert's essays are a hauntingly perceptive analysis of the anxiety intrinsic in our new, digital ways of being, and also a means of reconciling ourselves to this new world. 'One of those joyful books that send you to your notebook every page or so, desperate not to lose either the thought the author has deftly placed in your mind or the title of a work she has now compelled you to read.' Paris Review

When Did we See You Naked

When Did we See You Naked
Author: Jayme R. Reaves
Publsiher: SCM Press
Total Pages: 267
Release: 2021-03-31
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 033406032X

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Was the stripping and exposure of Jesus a form of sexual abuse? If so, why does such a reading of Jesus’ suffering matter? The combined impact of the #MeToo movement and a further wave of global revelations on church sexual abuse have given renewed significance to recent work naming Jesus as a victim of sexual abuse. Timely and provocative "When did we see you naked?" presents the arguments for reading Christ as an abuse victim, as well as exploring how the position might be critiqued, and what implications and applications it might offer to the Church.


Author: Anaïs Nin
Publsiher: HMH
Total Pages: 432
Release: 1993-09-16
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 0547540787

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The trailblazing memoirist and author of Henry & June recounts her relationships with Henry Miller and others—including her own father. Anaïs Nin wrote in her uncensored diaries like they were a broad-minded confidante with whom she shared the liberating psychosexual dramas of her life. In this continuation of her notorious Henry & June, she recounts a particularly turbulent period between 1932 and 1934, and the men who dominated it: her protective husband, her therapist, and the poet Antonin Artaud. However, most consuming of all is novelist Henry Miller—a man whose genius, said Anaïs, was so demonic it could drive people insane. Here too, recounted in extraordinary detail, is the sexual affair she had with her father. At once loving, exciting, and vengeful, it was the ultimate social transgression for which Anaïs would eventually seek absolution from her analysts. “Before Lena Dunham there was Anaïs Nin. Like Dunham, she’s been accused of narcissism, sociopathy, and sexual perversion time and again. Yet even that comparison undercuts the strangeness and bravery of her work, for Nin was the first of her kind. And, like all truly unique talents, she was worshipped by some, hated by many, and misunderstood by most . . . A woman who’d spent decades on the bleeding edge of American intellectual life, a woman who had been a respected colleague of male writers who pushed the boundaries of acceptable sex writing. Like many great . . . experimentalists, she wrote for a world that did not yet exist, and so helped to bring it into being.” —The Guardian Includes an introduction by Rupert Pole

Daily Modernism

Daily Modernism
Author: Elizabeth Podnieks
Publsiher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Total Pages: 424
Release: 2000-01-26
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 0773568247

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Redrawing established boundaries between genres, Podnieks builds a broad critical and theoretical range on which she maps the diary as an aesthetic work, showing how diaries inscribe the aesthetics of literary modernisms. Drawing on feminist theory, literary history, biography, and personal anecdotes, she argues that the diary is an especially subversive space for women writers. Podnieks details how Virginia Woolf, Antonia White, Elizabeth Smart, and Anaïs Nin wrote their diaries under the pretence that they were private, while always intending them to be published. She travelled extensively to examine the original diary manuscripts and offers unique first-hand descriptions of the manuscripts that underscore the artistic intentions of their authors. Daily Modernism contributes to the ongoing feminist revision of literary history and, in its disruption of traditional concepts of "major" and "minor" literary forms, paves the way for a much needed reconsideration of the diary as a valid literary achievement.

Sexuality Beyond Consent

Sexuality Beyond Consent
Author: Avgi Saketopoulou
Publsiher: NYU Press
Total Pages: 271
Release: 2023-02-07
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1479820253

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Radical alternatives to consent and trauma Contemporary discourse on sex and sexuality is fixated on consent as a means of mitigating danger and avoiding forms of sexual trauma. Sexuality Beyond Consent dares us to step into a different territory, where we do not guard the self but risk experience. Avgi Saketopoulou maintains that we are overly focused on healing trauma and need to reroute our attention to what subjects do with their trauma, in the process taking up a series of provocative questions: Why is sexuality beyond consent worth risking, and how does risk become a way of soliciting the future? Why might surrendering to the fact that your pain is not going away enable you to do things with pain? In what ways are race and racism shot through with the erotic? How can something proximal to violation become a site of flourishing? Central to the transformational possibilities of trauma is a queer form of consent, limit consent, that is not about maintaining control but risks sexuality beyond consent. Moving between clinical and cultural case studies, Saketopoulou takes up theatrical and cinematic works such as Slave Play and The Night Porter, to show us how the force of the erotic surges through the aesthetic domain. Grounding its arguments in the psychoanalytic theory of Jean Laplanche in conversation with queer of color critique, performance studies, and philosophy, Sexuality Beyond Consent proposes that enduring the rousing of the strange in ourselves, not in order to master trauma but to rub up against it, may open us up to encounters with opacity and unique forms of care.

She Speaks Her Anger Myths and Conversations of Gimi Women

She Speaks Her Anger  Myths and Conversations of Gimi Women
Author: Gillian Gillison
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 290
Release: 2021-04-12
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 3030493520

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Taking a novel approach that adapts Freud’s theory of the Primal Crime, this book examines a wealth of ethnographic data on the Gimi of the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, focusing on women’s lives, myths, and rituals. Women’s and men’s separate myths and rites may be ‘read’ as a cycle of blame about which sex caused the ills of human existence and is still at fault. However, the author demonstrates that in public rites of exchange in which both sexes participate, men appropriate and subvert women’s usages as a ritual strategy to ‘undo’ motherhood and confiscate children at puberty. In doing so, she reveals how Gimi women both rebel against the male-dominated social order and express understanding of why they also acquiesce. The result of decades of fieldwork, writing and reflection, this book offers an analysis of Gimi women’s complex understanding of their situation and presents a nuanced picture of women in a society dominated by men. It represents an important contribution to New Guinea ethnography that will appeal to students and scholars of psychoanalysis, gender studies, and cultural, social and psychoanalytic anthropology.

The Incest Diaries 1 And 2

The Incest Diaries 1 And 2
Author: Tammy Ruggles
Publsiher: Independently Published
Total Pages: 141
Release: 2019-08-03
ISBN: 9781087105314

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Both novellas in one paperback book. Follow the odyssey of an 8-year-old girl named Becky, who, in book 1, writes in her diary about incest and the foster care system that let her down. Catch up with Becky as an adult in book 2.

The Look of the Book

The Look of the Book
Author: Peter Mendelsund
Publsiher: Ten Speed Press
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2020-10-06
Genre: Design
ISBN: 0399581030

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Why do some book covers instantly grab your attention, while others never get a second glance? Fusing word and image, as well as design thinking and literary criticism, this captivating investigation goes behind the scenes of the cover design process to answer this question and more. NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW As the outward face of the text, the book cover makes an all-important first impression. The Look of the Book examines art at the edges of literature through notable covers and the stories behind them, galleries of the many different jackets of bestselling books, an overview of book cover trends throughout history, and insights from dozens of literary and design luminaries. Co-authored by celebrated designer and creative director Peter Mendelsund and scholar David Alworth, this fascinating collaboration, featuring hundreds of covers, challenges our notions of what a book cover can and should be.

Anais Nin

Anais Nin
Author: Suzanne Nalbantian
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 281
Release: 1997-07-13
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 134925505X

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This book of essays is the first to probe Anais Nin's achievements as a literary artist. With an introduction by the editor, Suzanne Nalbantian, the collection examines the literary strategies of Nin in their psychoanalytical and stylistic dimensions. Various contributors scrutinize Nin's artistry, identifying her unique modernist techniques and her poetic vision. Others observe the transfer of her psychoanalytical positions to narrative. The volume also contains fresh views of Nin by her brother Joaquin Nin-Culmell as well as innovative analyses of the reception of her works.

Re visiting Female Evil

Re visiting Female Evil
Author: Melissa Dearey
Publsiher: BRILL
Total Pages: 206
Release: 2017-08-28
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9004350810

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Mischievous, beguiling, seductive, lascivious, unruly, carping, vengeful and manipulative – from the Disney princess to the murderous Medea, the articles in Re-visiting Female Evil grapple with our understanding of what it is to be and do evil femininities.

The Incest Theme in Literature and Legend

The Incest Theme in Literature and Legend
Author: Otto Rank
Total Pages: 676
Release: 1992
Genre: Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.).

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"Among the strictly scientific applications of analysis to literature, Rank's exhaustive work on the theme of incest easily takes the first place."--Sigmund Freud.